Introducing the
EZ Joist Hanger Tool.

Have you ever had to build a structure with joists? Well, I have, and let me tell you it can be a pain! Depending on your level of experience this can be a two-man job. Imagine climbing a ladder, holding your joist hanger with one hand, measuring with the other, then grabbing your nail gun and nailing it down all at the same time. I mean, the last I checked we only have two hands! With that in mind we decided to solve this problem by creating the EZ Joist Hanger Tool.

It’s easy, light and quick. You simply attach your joist hanger to the tool and hang it on the beam. This frees up both hands to allow you to measure, secure yourself and nail it down very quickly. Sounds simple right? Well, it is! The best part about it is that its compatible with all the big brands like Simpson and MiTek, and all the common dimensions such as 2 x 6, 2 x 8 & 2 x 10.


Our joist hanger tool adheres to industry standards. There are a handful of similar tools out there. However, our tool hangs from the top of the beam instead of the bottom which is a huge mistake. Most other tools require that you use the same dimension beam and joists. This almost never happens. Most builders use different dimensions for their beams and joists, which makes our EZ Joist Hanger Tool the right choice, since it can handle the same or different dimensions of beams and joists.

In fact most other joist hanger tools require you to use one of your hands to hold it with the joist hanger, we believe that defeats the whole purpose.


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Fit sizes: 


Starting at $29.99

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What people are saying about the EZ Joist Hanger Tool!
  • Best decking tool!! Saves a tremendous amount of time and is so simple to use.

    Tony Johnson
  • Israel Ramos
    Used this tool on our new deck we built and was very happy with how easy it made the process! This tool is very durable and made hanging joist hangers a lot easier. I recommend it for every household to have it in their tool bags! Great Product!!!
    Israel Ramos
  • Mike Mento
    This Ez joist hanger tool is great. It arrived on time to lay the floor joists in my home. Makes working faster and easier. Job was done quickly.
    Mike Mento

EZ Joist Hanger Tool

The EZ Joist Hanger Tool makes installing joist hangers faster, easier, and more accurate.

It's adjustable to fit 2x6, 2x8, and a 2x10.

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